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    My experience with NUC 6i5SYH, bugs and fixes.


      I've been using a NUC 6i5SYH for 2 months. This is the list of bugs I have suffered:


      My setup:

      Intel NUC6i5SYH

      HyperX Impact (2133 MHz, CL13, DIMM 260-pin) HX421S13IB/8 x2

      Samsung 950 pro MZ-V5P256BW

      Toshiba L200 1TB 2,5" SATA

      DELL UltraSharp UP2716D

      DELL AC511 (0MN008) USB sound bar



      Wired USB Keyboard

      Wired USB mouse

      Mini Display Port to Display Port

      USB to DELL UltraSharp UP2716D integrated USB HUB (4 ports)

      Wired Ethernet



      BIOS 0039 (loaded default settings after flash), released 3/16/2016

      All Windows drivers released 3/1/2016

      Intel Graphic Driver Beta



      [Windows10_x64] After sleep desktop is empty, no icons, no windows, taskbar show running apps but dont show systray/time (fix) Seem screen is detected as extended desktop, Win+P and choose one screen fix the problem.


      [Windows10_x64] Wifi 5Ghz APs usually dont show (fix) Show again after some reboots.


      [Windows10_x64] If any application preventing sleep like a torrent client is running and screen is off due energy saving every 15~30 minutes I hear a sound like windows is detecting a device, checked event viever but didnt found anything related.


      [Windows10_x64] Bioshock 3 random graphic glitches/flickering.


      [ArchLinux] Random gpu freezes (fix) Adding kernel boot paramenter i915.enable_rc6=0 fixes all freezes.



      This is my second NUC and experience is very frustrating. I have also one D54250WYKH and everything worked out of the box, expecting the same when I bought the new one.