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    Fast SSDs in VMWare local storage?


      Hi, I wanted to upgrade some of our disks (local disks that are Toshiba SSDs) in our Dell VMWare host to something considerably faster and looked into the Intel 750s but realized they are more for consumers due to low writes/day and durability...which sucks because the pricepoint is great for its performance!


      Are there equivalent, similar pricepoint, same performance SSDs (2.5" or PCIe) enterprise or semi-enterprise grade SSDs (Intel or non-Intel) that could work?



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          According to your request we can tell you the Intel® Solid State Drive 750 Series is a consumer drive and does not show in the compatibility guide for NVMe drives under the VMware website, however you can also check the following link: VMware Compatibility Guide - I/O Device Search and you will find out which drives are compatible.


          In the I/O device type section please select "NVMe" and under brand name select "Intel" then please click "update and view results"


          As you can see, the drives that are compatible and tested are the Data Center drives (P3500, P3600, P3608 and P3700).


          Please let us know if you require anymore assistance.