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    Unable to update DH77EB Bios 0053.




      I need to update my BIOS to support a recently acquired GTX 960 GPU.

      After reading the BIOS release notes https://downloadmirror.intel.com/24426/eng/EB_0103_ReleaseNotes.pdf , I concluded that my old 0053 BIOS needs to be updated to version 0098, at least, to support the aforementioned GPU. However, even though I closely followed the instructions on how to update it to a newer version (Download Atualização do BIOS [EBH7710H.86A] ), I had no success.


      I am currenty using a 64-bits Windows 7 OS, so I initially downloaded the "EBH7710H.86A.0062.EB.EXE" file and executed it. The installation process was straightforward, and it prompted to restart my system to finish the update. Once it did, however, it simply "bricked" my PC, making it (a) unable to boot and (b) continuously overload, by doing quick restart loops. Thus, I was forced to reset the motherboard to factory defaults by removing and reinserting the CMOS battery.


      Once again, I tried to update my motherboard, this time by downloading and installing the "EBH7710H.86A.0062.EB.WINPE64.EXE" file. And, indeed, the same results from before happened again.


      After throrough search on the internet, I could not find a specific solution to this problem, so I came here to require assistance in this predicament.


      Please, can you help me?

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          After you reset CMOS and was able to get into BIOS Setup., you should have seen that you were [then] running on BIOS 62 (i.e. update was successful). Go on and do the next BIOS in the upgrade progression.


          If, on the other hand, what you see is the (old) BIOS 52, I suggest that you switch over to using the recovery method for BIOS installation...


          Hope this helps,


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            Hello, Omac:


            Thank you for contacting the Intel Communities.


            Indeed the instructions provided by Scott could help on this.


            Please provide us with your outcome to further assist you if required.



            Esteban C

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              My most profound thanks, Mr. Pearson!


              I methodicaly updated my BIOS from version to version up to the most recent one, then I installed my GPU that didn't work before (it froze the PC at the motherboard splash screen), and now it is running very well.


              Indeed, the recovery method for updating the old BIOS worked like a charm, and I am now using my new GPU with absolutely no problems! I even think my PC is actually booting faster now! And my headphone microphone started working again! And my lan connection works! I am so happy I feel like singing!

              Thank you Intel support, you just earned a loyal costumer!

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                Hello, Omac:


                Thank you for the useful feedback regarding this situation.


                I am glad to hear you were able to fix it with the instructions provided by Scott.


                In case you encounter with any additional questions or inquiries, feel free to contact the Intel Communities back.



                Esteban C

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                  Yes, I thank you as well -- but I am not with Intel Customer Support. I am retired. Until I retired (early in 2015), I was part of the Intel team that originally developed Intel's Desktop Boards but now develops the Intel NUC and Intel Compute Stick products.