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    NUC 5i5RYH power requirements


      This may seem like a strange question as the NUC power requirements are well documented. My real question is how long will the NUC run on my UPS when there is a power outage. Unfortunately, when I bought the UPS I was not aware that it had NO communications port. My bad for not paying attention. So here's the thing. The UPS is a Chicago Digital Power R-UPR 504 and has a capacity of 250W. The NUC is the only device connected to the UPS. The NUC has 4GB of ram (Kingston), a WD 500GB HDD. There is a Logitec USB dongel for the wireless keyboard, and the HDMI output is connected to my TV. So, if I assume that the NUC is consuming a maximum of 25W how long might it run if there is an extended power outage? I doubt that it is as simple as dividing the UPS capacity by the power load. The UPS may shut down when it reaches some critical battery level.

      Any thoughts on this?