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    NUC6i3SYH - Hardware suggestions/Opinions


      I'm planning to buy the NUC6i3SYH


      I already have :  Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD


      Can I have some opinions on what would work better in this system between these three M.2 SSD's?


      1.  Samsung SM951 128GB M.2 NGFF PCIe Gen3 8Gb/s x4 Solid state drive SSD (2280), NVME ( MZVPV128HDGM-00000)

      2.  Samsung SM951 256 GB Internal Solid State Drive MZHPV256HDGL-00000

      3.  Samsung 950 PRO -Series 256GB PCIe NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD 2-Inch MZ-V5P256BW


      I've also read about the numerous memory issues with this system and it seems like most people have had luck with Kingston HyperX memory.

      Is there any reason I should not choose this memory?


      Kingston Technology HyperX Impact 32GB Kit (2x16GB) 2133MHz DDR4 CL13 260-Pin SODIMM Laptop HX421S13IBK2/32

      I appreciate any advice.

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          Hi,  6i3 is the best! ;-)  I have it and it looks that on ltest BIOS 0039 is everything stable and also WHEA issue isn't related to 6i3 , but only 6i5. I'm using it daily appr. 16 hours, playing games on full details, videos, internet. I also did real-world tests and temperature was max 62.C . So really really good! If you want really stable system, just send me message and I'll explain you my settings, how to completely disable Windows 10 updates, hoe to set properly Power Options in Windows, how to eneble eveything possible in SAMSUNG Magician, which version of Magician to use, how to delete hiberfil.sys to speed-up shutdown sequence and so on... I have also Kingston HyperX and SAMSUG 850 PRO SSD. So....


          - memories - you choosed the best memories for NUC ;-) They are also CL13 - absolutely best! ;-)

          - regarding M.2 disks - I hate M.2 disks ( ) but 1st in the list has highest Passmark score 14791 points. But in real world you cannot see any difference (we are talking about miliseconds between them), so maybe the price can be criterium for you... It doesn;t matter, all 3 disks are quick as hell. 

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            Hi rado77

            Are there any problems with the 6i3 if known compatible memory is installed?


            Why do you hate the M.2 disks? 



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              Hi William,


              absolutely no problems with Kingston HyperX CL13  ;-)   I had no Windows freeze or some error message overall (using more than month on daily basis). I use 2x4GB modules. But nobody here has 2x16MB modules, only 2x8GB modules. But I think it will be OK because of Kingston. And thanx to 6i3, which is "WHEA-free" :-)


              I hate M.2 disks because of:

              1, their price - higher than "classic" SSD

              2, their speed - in real life is hard to see any difference in speed between M.2 and classic SSD (for example SAMSUNG 850 PRO SSD uses RAM as "buffer" and in tests it has 4 x better numbers than other SSD disks (thanks to NVMe technology)). So in real life we are talking about miliseconds in difference between SAMSUNG M.2 and SAMSUNG PRO SSD.

              3, because of possible issues when machine cannot detect M.2, or cannot boot from M.2 (Legacy, UEFI, both modes...?)

              4, becuase of additional heat


              But it's only my opinion. I'm max happy with 850 PRO SSD....and when you turn on RAPID mode.....oooooooou! Very nice! Look here on my settings and some tests (you have to click on each photo to see it in full size):  100% working NUC 6i3SYH - all BIOS settings screenshots + info

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                Great info.  Rado.  Thanks.


                I just need to choose the right M.2 drive with NVMe of 256GB.


                Have you heard of anyone using the setup I'm planning?




                Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD

                Samsung M.2

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                  As I remember, some guys here had both disks inside, but in combination with NUC 6i5 = WHEA error. And some of them has some issues with booting as I remember.... anyway I know what you want - to use M.2 as OS disk and SSD as data, that's logical. My suggestion here is to install only M.2, install Win there, and after that insert SSD disk ;-) And also DO NOT install Intel Rapid Storage Technology, but only SAMSUNG Magician SW older version 4.4 ....I'll tell you everything in private messages if you want....all BIOS settings and so on..

                  But overall - 6i3 with Kingstons HyperX CL13 are the best choice today - you'll have stable machine after BIOS 0039 and some settingz ;-)

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                    Intel Corporation
                    This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                    Hello williamvillage
                    Thank you for joining the Intel communities.
                    You can also check the compatible RAMs for this unit here:
                    System Memory for Intel® NUC Kits NUC6i3SY/NUC6i5SY
                    You can check these links Tested Peripherals for Intel® NUC Kits NUC6i[x]SY
                    Supported Operating Systems for Intel® NUC Products
                    I suggest taking rado77 recommendations since he already have a stable unit the way he has it configured.
                    rado77 thank you for your contribution on this thread and for the information you have kindly provided, it is very much appreciated.
                    Best wishes,

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                      Hi folks,


                      i wonder why all people here talk about the Hyper X memory. My seller here in town told me, that the value version

                      KingstonKVR21S15D8/88 GB2133 MHz

                      is exactly the same memory only without the coolers. At the time i purchased my Nuc he told me, that only the Kingston Value Ram is tested for this model, not the hyper X. But im not sure, what list he had on his screen.


                      You can find the value ram also in Intels list at the customer part.


                      I have this one running and until now no bigger problems. My system (nuc6i5syh/ evo 850/ 2x8 Kingston Value Ram) runs stable since 3 Weeks now and i hope this will continue.

                      The temperatures i monitor since a few days and they went not above 80 C in gaming mode since i made some custom cooler settings. Before it was 90 in maximum under Bios 28 (now 39). Normal use its between 40 and 50 C. So little bit higher than the i3 model.


                      cheers Oliver

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                        Why "SAMSUNG Magician SW older version 4.4" ? What's the secret?

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                          It's beacuse newer versions has problem with Windows 10 - they cannot identify OS version and that's why user is unable to enable RAPID mode. Version 4.4 was latest which was able to recognize Win10 correctly. Maybe for newer versions is some trick in registry...I don't know/....and also internet forums are full of info that this SW doesn't have to run after windows start-up, because it has it's own automatic service. Yes, it has his own service, but when I measured SSD speed without running Magician utility (icon in taskbar), I measured 4 x slower speeds :-)