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    SSD Samsung 951 does not appear as a drive in the system view of Intel RST program


      The SSD is to be used as cache memory. But it is not reflected in the program "Intel rapid storage technology" version My motherboard is a ASUS Z97-A with a processor Intel i5-5675C, 2 equal large HDDs and 1 SSD M. 2 memory drive 128 GB "Samsung SM 951 (Samsung MZHPV128HDGM-00000 ATA device)“. Installed is a Win7 Ultimate 64 bit operating system. In the BIOS the SATA mode is set to "Raid". In the BIOS boot menu the SSD is recognized and shown as a bootable disk as well as the bootable"Raid1Volumen" with its 932 GB volume containing the 2 HDDs (each 932 GB). In this volume the operating system is installed. Function bit for the dynamic storage accelerator is enabled. Dynamic storage accelerator is enabled.

      In the Device Manager of the installed Windows 7 the SSD disk is shown, as well as the RAID volume. The Intel chipset SATA RAID controller is installed and available. In the launched „Intel rapid storage program“ you can see the RAID volume with the two HDD drives, but not the SSD drive, so that no SSD caching or acceleration is possible. I have tried all possible configurations, even older versions of the "Intel rapid storage technology" version without any success. Perhaps anyone has encountered this problem and found a solution. I would appreciate any help.

      RAID configuration: array-name: SATA_Array_0000

      Size: 1.907.739 MB

      Number of volumes: 1

      Volume member: Raid1Volumen

      Number of array disks: 2

      Volume name: Raid1Volumen

      Size: 953.875 MB

      System volume: Yes