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    Forced Application Scaling is not available in Win10, issue ignored in latest driver release


      In driver release documentation from 10/26/2015 we can read that "Forced Application Scaling is not available in Win10" is the most important known issue that is about to fix. Now almost 5 months later there is new release from 3/8/2016 which not only not added this feature but also the issue is removed from the documentation. So I should understand that we'll never get that what was obvious on windows 8.1?

      This option was very usefull for me cause I have 21:9 monitor and not every game supports this aspect ratio, with Forced Application Scaling I was able to play without stretched image.

      Of course I can roll-back to windows 8.1 but I think this is not the solution. Please tell me if there is any hope that this option will be added in the further releases.

      Thank you.