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    DG45ID mainboard and UEFI




      It seems that I'm failing to activate UEFI boot on my Intel DG45ID mainboard and I'd like to ask what I do wrong.

      I'm trying to install Windows 7 Professional x64 onto a brand new 512MB disk drive. Everytime I try, the setup process creates MBR instead of GPT partitions. When I try manually to create GPT label and partitions with diskpart.exe prior installation, the setup program refuses to install with the message "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style".

      The version string of my BIOS is IDG4510H.86A.0113.2009.0804.1430, i have Boot/UEFI boot set to Enable and Advanced/Drive Configuration/ATA/IDE mode set to "Legacy".

      Could it be the that I boot Windows Installer from USB flash drive (created with Windows 7 Usb Download Tool) instead from DVD?