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    Intel, PLEASE standardize driver and application version numbers and release dates!


      I'm doing a periodic check for driver updates. Every time, the same issue drives me nuts, which is the lack of consistency in the way that Intel assigns version numbers to drivers which are used by the intel driver download website and the intel driver update utility. This applies to many, if not most, intel drivers.


      For the record, my computer is an HP ZBook G2 laptop with Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 (wifi and Bluetooth). I have discussed drivers with HP support and they have no problem with users downloading drivers from the Intel, rather than from the HP website or using the HP support assistant utility. A related issue is why the wifi and Bluetooth parts of this chipset are decoupled requiring separate drivers. If they are separate products, why not separate them in the software download center?


      Here are some examples relating to the wifi and Bluetooth device.


      First from the device manager:

      Next from Programs and Features:

      Note the inconsistency with the device manager.

      Note the inconsistency with the device manager, and it even reports two different versions!!!!


      Next from the Intel driver update utility:

      The intel driver update utility can't even figure out what version the Bluetooth driver is! It thinks it's the same as the wifi!


      Next from the file manager:

      I hope this is enough evidence that this issue is real and needs to be fixed.


      If that's not enough, the website reports newer driver versions for the wifi than the driver update utility:

      The version recommended by the intel driver update utility isn't even shown on the driver download website! Why are these shown as applications when they are drivers?


      Note also the application, version 3.1.1311, dated 2014. What is this item?


      If I filter only drivers, the only items are drivers for the Bluetooth, none for wifi!!!!

      When I see this sort of garbage from the Intel, I can't help but wonder how the company can claim to have anything remotely referred to as a software documentation and release methodology.