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    HD Graphics 530 resolution to low for Presentation



      For presentation purposes in our company I connected a 4k TV SAMSUNG UE43JU6050 to the Display port of a Computer with 16GB RAM

      and a Pentium G4500. All drivers and the BIOS are up to date. We are using Win10 Pro as OS. The TV is indicated in the Intel graphic control Panel.

      The MB is an ASUS Z170 pro gaming. Even with the newest Intel driver for the graphics 530 we only get a 1920x1080 resolution.

      That looks realy bad and it hurts the eyes after a while. If we use the old Microsoft driver (10.0.10586.0 from June.21.2006) we get

      a perfect resolution of 3840x2160 on 64Hz but without Sound.

      Is there a better driver available or ist the HD Graphics simply not intended to be used for this ?

      Any other solutions except buying a graphic card ?

      I am realy tired.


      Thank you very much in advance.

      Kind regards.