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    Wifi is unreliable in the new STK1AW32SC (2016 model). I tried everything suggested.


      I recently bought the new Compute Stick. I was waiting for this updated version.


      It is hard to get connected to my router which is less than 1m away and 100% signal. When its finally connected the speed is very slow, it can hardly open websites and it get constantly disconnected.

      The wifi was actually better BEFORE I updated to the latest Windows release.


      After I updated the Windows, I updated the drivers (wireless and graphics) from Intel website. Because wireless was not working I downloaded it to another computer and transferred the drivers by USB. It didn't resolved the wifi problem.


      As a final solution I read on this forum to update the BIOS to 0019. The BIOS update went fine and it was successful. The stick restarted correctly a couple of times, but now it wont restart with a wireless keyboard/mouse adapter attached to the USB. I get the following error: "Error sending end of post message to ME, System HALT!"


      And the wifi problem remains also!


      Should I wait for new BIOS / drivers to be released from Intel in a reasonable short time? Or what should I do?

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