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    Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family




      I have Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family and I have same problems like others do.

      When upgrading windows to latest and it doesn't work or it's not supported.

      Why doesn't Intel make a driver that supp windows 10??

      Not all of us have money to buy new computers and would still like to have our computers working.

      After so many forums i have read isame problems and seems like we don't even matter. People write a lot about this problem

      and still no real answer or solution. All i read as a answer is that it doesn't support windows 10 that's all? This is how u fix a problem?

      I don't think so...

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi Mannzerk,
          Windows® 10 is fully supported from 8 series chipset and partially from 6 series. There are hardware and software limitations; for example Windows® 10 uses WDDM (Windows Display Driver Model 2.0) only 4 gen processors are prepare with this hardware feature.
          I regret the inconvenience but it is necessary to keep using the previous operating system.
          Miguel C