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    I tried to upgrade a STCK1A32WFC to Windows 10.  I had recently upgraded my primary PC to Windows 10 and it went so smothly I completly forgot that the Intel Compute Stick is a different beast!  Of course, NOW I realize what I did wrong but how do I recov


      I purchased this “Intel Compute Stick” a few months ago and was very happy with it until I made a mistake.  The device was originally running Windows 8.1 and I just, nonchalantly, upgraded it to Windows 10.1 without giving it another thought!  I had recently purchased a new PC and I upgraded that desktop computer to Windows 10 and everything went fine.  Of course, after I realized that the Compute Stick was not working, I did some research and discovered that certain drivers had to be loaded first, before the rest of the upgrade proceeded.  I am now in a real Catch 22; my main computer is now Windows 10 so I cannot make 8.1 recovery media (I tried the online tool but could not get that to work properly either). 

      How can I recover?  I can get into the root drive (“X”) and I can start in the “Safe mode” but I am still having problems getting things back to normal…