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    lga775 fastener


      I have a Pentium D 820 2.8 GHz CPU

      which goes in a LGA775 socket.

      The heatsink/fan mounts to the LGA775 motherboard with 4 plastic fastener mounting pins.

      One of the fasteners broke and I need to get a new one.

      Where on Intel's website do I go to get a new fastener?


      I tried micro center store in Madison Heights, MI but they don't have them.

      Also, microcenter.com doesn't have them.

      I also checked some computer stores that sell used old computers and they don't have them either.


      I did find some on ebay and amazon.com but the seller is in China and I don't feel safe buying from a guy in China.


      This is a link to a picture of the fastener:


      ATX Install Instructions for Boxed Intel® Desktop Processors in the...


      Search for Prong

      and you can see a damaged fastener.


      My fastener has one of the prongs broken off so only one of the two prongs are left on the fastener.

      This makes the fastener fail and it needs to be replaced.


      Also, I need to put some new thermal interface material on the cpu/heat sink.  What kind should I use?


      Intel charges a lot of money for cpu/heatsinks and I feel they could use some kind of metal fastener that won't break during shipping, etc..