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    Laptop Doesn't switch from intel graphics to amd


      Hello everyone, I have this annoying problem, my laptop doesn't switch graphics cards anymore, i'm stuck with Intel Core I3 380m integrated one.


      I tried reinstalling the windows from windows 7 all the way to windows 10. Tried disabling, unistaling, reinstaling the graphics drivers, searched far and wide... (i've been trying to fix this for like 3 weeks).


      I usually use my computer, but given the circumstances i'm forced to be on my laptop for a certain period of time, and i haven't used it in a long time... and usually just used it for AutoCad.


      While this isn't a problem with youtube and facebook, i can't use anything that require a little more graphic juice... like autocad and games


      My laptop is HP Pavilion g6-1012sq Notebook PC


      3 GB ram, Intel core I3, Ati Radeon HD 7400m



      is there any way to fix this?


      i know that the graphic cards must switch around automated, intel when i'm using docs and facebook and ati radeon when i start games and stuff.


      Please help me... it's driving me insane that i can't use this laptop for anything else than facebook.... i hate facebook.