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    disabling write cache in X25-E


      Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and if this topic already exists sorry for the repeat post (I searched but couldn't find a relevant discussion thread). I have been planning to buy an intel X25-E and really don't know if I can disable on-disk write cache.. has anyone done  this before? I sent an email to the intel's support guys a week back, but didn't hear back. On the internet, there are a few studies which talk about disabling the write cache: for ex. http://www.bigdbahead.com/?p=518.


      But I am really looking for a confirmation in terms of how it was done so that I can confidently buy this device. Reason being I bought an MTRON 7500 SSD for a hefty price of 750$ in 2008 and realized a few weeks back that they don't allow the on disk write cache to be disabled. So all that money was wasted. If you know anything about this topic, kindly help me out.



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          I always understood that SSDs have an on-board capacitor which powers the SSD long enough to flush its cache in case of a sudden power failure. If this is so, disabling the cache is useless. Intel is smart enough to realize that so I think the cache cannot be disabled by design.