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    NUC6i5SYH - Sudden Power Off


      Has anyone else experienced their NUC suddenly powering off, or maybe restarting, randomly?


      I have had a couple of occasion whilst watching a film that the NUC just powers off. I checked the NUC when it happened and it was cool to the touch as per normal. I powered on and went into the BIOS and the temperature was 40 degrees - so does not seem to be heat related. I have my NUC configured to Stay Off on power failure hence why I asked about random reboots as well as this is how it might appear for some users.


      No other equipment in the house experienced power loss - not even a UPS that starts beeping when one occurs - so it does not look to be that - maybe the NUC is more sensitive to power fluctuations, not sure what Power Sense does in the BIOS.


      Windows 10 event viewer does not show any entries before the power off and only entries afterwards when I power the NUC on - the usual entries about not being properly shut down.


      I am running BIOS39 but according to event viewer could have also occurred on dates when I was running BIOS36


      Has anyone else experienced this?

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