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    Intel SS4200-E : Unreliable network access


      The data on my nas appears to be ok.  I'm having trouble with consistent network access.  I've been looking for this problem for a few days.  I use the nas as a movie server in my home.  Movies stop and start sporadically.  From a different computer, I can access the nas and get access denied messages.  If I wait a minute or two, access returns.  I've had this probem on 4 desktops and two laptops.  I originally used a netgear gigabit switch. I have swapped it for a 24 port gigabit managed switch and the problem continues.


      Being the paranoid soul that I am, I'm currently trying to backup all the movies and pictures to a third drive.  The nas has 2 WD Caviar Green 1.5TB drives installed.


      Is there a way to read the data from the partitions on the 2 WD drives?


      Any suggestions about this problem or do I need to just get rid of this nas?




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          What's the firmware version running on your NAS? if it's not, i'd suggest you download and install from http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&ProdId=2910&DwnldID=16295

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            Javed Lodhi

            Hi Greg,

            As Edward pointed out, in case you are having a network access problem where your NAS is not accessble for over a minute or couple, you need to upgrade your firmware to Ver:

            To download the above mentioned firmware version, follow this URL: Download for SS4200-E

            You should be able to resolve your problem with this since this problem has been experienced and resolved earlier by me.

            However in case of discrepancy, you are welcome to post further queries and we'll be glad to help you.

            Thank you for using Intel, have a great day!


            Warm Regards,

            Javed Lodhi

            Intel Go Green, Save The Environment!

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              I have firmware version installed.  I upgraded it about 4 months ago when I added the two 1.5 TB Drives. 


              Is it possible that I'm just trying to move too much data and that I'm overloading it's network interface?


              I'm currently (still) backing up the content from the NAS.  I'm using a pc with a 100 mbit nic.  It's been running for about 24 hours and has copied about 300 gigs without error.  The network utilization on the pc is only averaging about 30%.




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                Try connecting hte SS4200 directly to your client. That'll eliminate any external networking issues. The SS4200 uses a pretty generic Intel® 82573 Gigabit Ethernet Network controller.



                Regarding performance with the SS4200-E. See the Tom's Hardware review here:



                The media server on the SS4200-E is a standard Linux TwonkyMedia Server version 4.4.4.



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                  I'm still having the same issue with the SS4200-E.  Is there a monitor built into the NAS for event logging?  It seems that if the NAS appears to "Hang" for a minute at a time, there might be a way to track the problem.  Is there a way to monitor traffic in & out of the NAS?  The Dashboard reports everything is functioning normally.




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                    You can create a "diagnostic" file with the SS4200-E.


                    1. Open Intel Entry Storage System manager and log in if necessary

                    2. Select “Settings” tab and replace the “settings.htmlxxx location with “support.html”

                    3. The Support page appears. Select “Dump Files

                    4. Select “Dump” to create a new dump file with the most recent information. Dump files are created on demand by pressing the “Dump” button.

                    5. System state information is gathered from the storage system

                    6. The new Dump file will appear. Double-click the new Dump file and save to the local hard disk.

                    7. The dump file is saved as a tar.gz compressed file. Decompress to make the dump file folder available for viewing. Open the dump file folder.

                    8. The resulting Dump file can be viewed through a web browser. Double-click the parent directory index.html file.

                    9. Under the log folder are messages and sohoaudit.log files that may be of assistance in diagnosing the issue.



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                      Hi all,

                      I have the same problem:


                      I have 3 PCs and 2 Macs connected via one switch to the Intel.

                      Im working with 2 samsung hard discs (mirror)

                      I have 1 user admin with all rights (with different users we had the same problems).

                      I have installed the software on all computers

                      I have installed the newest firmware


                      My problem:

                      We often (but not always) get messages like:

                      Access denied

                      No permission

                      "Das Netzwerk ist ausgelastet" (network timout)

                      Sometimes it is not possible to save an existing file (error access denied), 10 seconds later it works again.

                      One big problem is that I cant see errors that occur permanently.


                      If I look in the windows file properties, there is the option read only highlighted, but not activated.


                      Another problem is the backup with retrospect.

                      It soes not work. In the protocol I can see error messages like "can't read, error -1116 (can't access network volume)" and "can't read, error -1101 (file/directory not found)"


                      Does anybody have a solution for that?

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                        Is there a way to perform a check on the drives independently in my nas?  I received a message that one of the drives encountered a recoverable error and that a rebuild was necessary.  It occurs to me that if there were bad sectors on one of the drives, I might experience delays while the drive "Timed Out".

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                          There's no process to run diagnostics on individual drives on the SS4200. You can look through the diagnostic logs using the process above. In this diagnostic file there's disk information on each disk installed ithe system. The "diagnostic" information is Linux based from the operating system.



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                            Here are my latest observations...


                            If I break the mirroring (cycle power on the SS4200-E) it takes 2 days to re-mirror the drives.  During the two days, the nas works fine.  Once mirroring is repaired, it starts going into never-never land again.


                            I get e-mails from the Nas and that is the basis for the timing.  I've done this three times to verify that this is not just coincidental.






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                              I thought I'd give my resolution to my problem.  I removed the two 1.5 TB drives from the NAS and put them in another unit.  They've been working flawlessly ever since.  I put two 500 GB drives in the NAS and they have been working fine as well.  My conclusion is that the NAS just doesn't support drives as large as the 1.5 TB drives I was trying to use.  It would have been nice to get the gist of that in some sort of error message or limit the ability of the NAS to format more space than it could use.


                              I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.   Thanks to everyone who tried to help.




                              PS.  If anyone is wondering about VetteFan - I am one.  I have had many Corvettes and currently have a 65 Mid-Year with both tops, side exhaust, 4 speed, big block.  I'm doing a frame off restoration on it.  I also have a 79 that my Father owned before me.  I've had it about 20 years and will keep it for the duration.  I'm working on getting it painted