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    Galileo Gen 1 Directly Booting an .efi image from the SD Card


      Hello everyone,


      We are working on Contiki OS port for Intel Galileo Gen. 1 board. The Contiki build system provides us .efi image of their system ready for the Galileo board. We can boot it by intercepting the boot process, selecting the SD card manually and then selecting the Contiki image. Whereas, we want Galileo board to boot directly the .efi image when the board is powered on.


      We tried the suggestion at galileo-debian / Wiki / How to Boot the image , where we used the Debian image, installed efibootmgr and tried to change the boot order so that Galileo firstly tries the SD card. But it did not help.


      We also updated the firmware of the board, applied the same steps and still could not boot the .efi image automatically.


      We would like to know it it is possible for us to configure the boot manager so that it directly boots the .efi image within the SD card without anybody intercepting the boot process. If anybody has any idea, we would be more than happy to hear.


      Thanks in advance.