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    NUC 6i5SYH - Ubuntu 15.10 - SD Card Reader Problem - 100% Cpu 0 Use


      I have noticed my NUC getting warm on occasion and have figured out it happens when I insert a card into the SD reader slot. I checked processes system monitor and nothing shows high cpu use yet if I check it using psensor which I was using to monitor temps I can see core 0 of my cpu is at 99%-100%. So I then installed top and ran it and can see that when I insert the sd card kworker is using 100% cpu. Even after I unmount the sd card the high cpu use persists until I reboot the NUC. Obviously this is why I am seeing high temperatures when I am doing nothing other than running a browser window with a few tabs open. Temperatures are reaching upwards of 80 C during the 100% cpu usage. Normally I would be 45-50 C under similar usage. Has anyone else had this issue and if so did you find a solution to it?