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    NUC5PPYH sudden extreme slow speed


      Hello, I am looking for assistance with what I suspect is a bad NUC kit. I purchased the NUC5PPYH kit with an approved stick of ram and an SSD. I successfully installed all the components, installed windows 8.1 and updated all drivers etc.


      The system ran great for approximately 2 months. Recently I went to power up the system and found it extremely slow. It was taking 10-20 minutes to load into windows. Once in Windows the system was extremely slow. To date I have tried the following things:


      1. Ran memtest86 several times for 6-10 hours each, no errors.

      2. Removed SSD and ran optimization and error checking on another PC. No issues found.

      2. Attempted to re-install windows, re-format SSD during install. After 8 hours the install was still not completed.

      3. I can accesses BIOS, reset all to default, still same issues.


      I have had no BSOD's or other errors leading up to this. The only issue is the extreme slow speed now. I have made no further software or hardware changes over the past 2 months after initial setup (besides windows updates). System worked great during that time.


      I am at a loss as to what the cause is and I'm left to suspect something on the motherboard went? Please help!