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    Mixing X5472 issue


      Hello everyone, first post,


      T7400 Vista Business BIOS A11

      started life with one X5472 processor.

      I wanted to put in a 2nd.

      Found an identical, or what I thought, X5472

      Both ARE x5472 3.00 1600 12mb. SLASA


      The original chip on CPU-Z has a stepping of 6 and rev of CO

      The "new" chip has stepping of A and Rev of EO


      Now I've read that this is most likely the issue.


      Most interestingly, this machine was never using all 4 cores of the first chip! I finally got it to recognize all 4 cores. I noticed this by using CPU-z for the first time and seeing 2 core 2 thread. So got that fixed. Very strange, any thoughts on why that would have not been using all 4 cores for however long?


      Both chips will boot and load by themselves and shows all 4 cores and will run fine. I did this to make sure the new chip was good.


      I can get the machine to boot and load with both chips installed, if some parameters are just right. However it won't recognize the 2nd chip for usefulness. The parameters I'm speaking of are, msconfig-boot-advanced-"processors" clicked and detect HAL checked.


      What I mean by that is, it will show on the BIOS it will show in the device manager as 8 "processors" but it won't recognize in CPU-Z. or cinebech or anything like that.


      I was just told by someone that only specific Revs can be used for multi processor machines....even if they match. Is this accurate? Somehow I don't think so, but I COULD be wrong.


      Anyway. It's taking me two days of getting my buttkicked to get, nowhere.

      That being said, my goal was to increase the speed of this machine for video editing and After effects. By getting it to run all 4 cores, I have accomplished that. But now I really don't know where to go.


      I do want to upgrade to win7, if that matters.


      I'll stop rambling here. Thanks for reading and hope I can get some responses from people who are clearly good at modifying things that aren't necessarily supposed to work that way. thumb.gif




      edit found this on Intel 5400 mixing processors data sheet...


      Mixing processors of different steppings but the same model (as per CPUID instruction) is


      So yeah..I'm stuck.