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    Windows 10 64 Bit - WPA2 personal + AES = Regular disconnects.  TKIP = OK.


      OK I have two HP laptops with Inter Wireless cards and both suffer from the same issues under windows 10.


      Unless I enable TKIP cypher on my SSID then I get a disconnect every 15 seconds or so, with pretty immediate re-connection.


      I put it down to bad drivers on the first laptop, because I found an old driver from 2011 that worked fine, but I have a new HP X2 2110 with the Dual-band Wireless-AC 8260 and I have tried all available drivers versions and they all experience the same issue.


      Only by enabling TKIP on my SSID does the wireless stay connected.


      Every other device I can connect with no issues on AES.  Only Intel wireless & Windows 10 have these issues.


      Any ideas Intel?