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    Intel Server Board S2600CP4 Windows 7 Professional x64 Graphics Driver?


      Hi, i'm setting up a renderfarm that is based on the Intel Server Board S2600CP4 and Windows 7 Professional x64. So far I was not able to find the right Graphics Display Driver and would really appreciate if somebody could point me to the right one.


      Other Syteem Specs:

      - Intel  Server Board S2600CP4

      - 2 X Intel Xeon E5-2670 8 Core @ 2,6GHz /Turbo 3,00GHz

      - 32 GB DDR3 Ram (8 x 4GB Dimms)

      - Adaptec 6805 Raid Controller 8Port SAS/Sata 6GBs

      - 4 X Seagate 2TB SAS HDDs (Noch bis Juni 2017 Garantie bei Seagte) Raid 5 ist konfiguriert


      Thanks a lot for any support.