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    DP55WG with i3-530 compatible?


      I bought both, the i3 processor and the DP55WG mainboard. Will they run together without any bios upgrade? I see the last bios was long time back, I think the lates one didn't change anything for the i3. And, I am unable to upgrade if necessery, because I only got this i3 processor.

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          You may need to check intel site.

          Their you will able to find is the board is compatible or not?

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            Sorry, there is only a i5 and i7 compatibility reported. But I ready that the P55 will be compatible, without graphics. So I think the board should work with a i3. But if anyone tried this sucessfully, please report. Thanks.

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              The i3 has built in graphics, you will not be able to use this chip as the DP55WG doesn't have the required connections from the CPU to VGA/DVI connectors on the motherboard.  The i3 requires an H55 chipset as far as I know, so the DP55WG is no good with this CPU.


              You either to send back the i3 and exchange for an i5 or return the motherboard and get a board that does support the i3.


              Really you should check very carefully before purchase.





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                Now on the DP55WG page the i3 is selcted as compatible with the board. I installed now the hardware, but I am unable to install Windows 7.

                I want to use a Rocketraid pci-e adapter, but after installing the driver and a few minutes of installing W7 i get following error: Windows cannot install required files... I feel like 20 years back in DOS times and IRQ conflicts. With the same hardware and a Gigabyte AM3 board I didn't got any problems, and now this...