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    Intel HD Graphics HD on TV image too large




      I have a brand new Zotac Zbox CI323, which sports a N3150 and intel hd graphics. I connect it to a somewhat older, but very good Sharp Aquos full HD TV set via HDMI cable.

      On the box I am running a Windows 10 64bit pro.


      My problem: the image is slightly too large, meaning at the borders it is outside the visible area of the TV.

      Half of the windows start bar is invisible, and left, right and top also just about the same amount is missing.


      I own also a Minix neo x5, which is a android ARM box, and when i connected it to the same tv same thing happened. Just that there in the settings I could just shrink the imaghe slightly.

      On the intel box running  windows I could not find such a setting. My TV unfortunatelly does not have any helpful feature for this, I scaned the menu up and down several times.


      Only thing I did not try is using the advanced mode in the display driver's settings and configuring the display mode parameters manually.

      I would do this, if I could find out what the current params are, so I can start there and tweak only one or two.


      Or do you have another sugestion? I would greatly appreciate any help.