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    NUCI3RYH detects SSD but will not boot


      I have setup and installed several Intel NUCi3RYH computers for our company in the last several months. I created an image of the first one using Acronis then applied that image to all the subsequent builds and this has worked fine so far.This latest one has caused issues however. I successfully applied the image to the Transcend M.2 SSD but when I rebooted and removed the Acronis software I get a prompt that says "Reboot and select proper boot device". I did so and the BIOS shows the SSD is there as windows OS bootloader but still the message prevails. I have reset the BIOS to factory settings, Flashed the CMOS, re-applied the image, and pretty much any other troubleshooting tips I have been able to find on forums. Also tried a different Samsung SSD. I am at a loss on this one.