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    Is my 6700k bad sample? Temps go up very fast with load and rocket down instantly when load has been lifted.




      I have 6700k SR2L0 L547B594


      Stock clock and everything.

      CPU cooler is NZXT Kraken x61, its working fine and can't see any issues with it.


      When i apply load to CPU then CPU temps are going up very fast to certain level and those will stay there.

      When load has been lifted (stopped) then CPU temps rocket down instantly.

      I have tried different temperature monitoring tools and everyone is showing the same results.


      Here is a picture from intel extreme tuning utility: http://puu.sh/nQ1of/14d6991925.jpg

      First higher load is caused by cinebench r15 cpu rendering test, which took CPU to 69-70 degrees which is a bit too much for that kind of AIO cooler on this CPU (at stock). Temps dropped down to idling ~28 degrees instantly, as if cpu wasn't hot at all, if rendering test ended.


      Comparison from AMD FX-8350 (Corsair H80 on it in push configuration) and Intel i7-4930K (OC-d) (Corsair H100i on it with push-pull configuration): Temp increase at the beginning did increase at moderate speed (7-10 seconds) and all-most peak temps were reached in 3-4 minutes, which means that there was a "temperature increasing curve" rather then spiking (jumping up very fast) as with my CPU. Also 8350 reached max temperatures ~50 degrees and 4930k reached ~60 degrees, and again mine went 70 to 90+ depending on the load test type. After lifting the load from CPU-s, temperatures went down fast at the start (from 50-60 to 35 in 3-4 seconds) and it took more and more time (about minute or two) to go back to down to idling temperatures (which are around 25, ambient ~20).


      Second load was caused by Prime95, it took cpu temps up to ~88 degrees and dropped down to ~28 instantly as it was with Cinebench.


      I have observed this behaviour with various loads (games, rendering, ...) and i have not had this kind of issues with previous CPU-s (AMD or Intel). Even my AMD FX-8350 was running cooler in these kind of loads and tests.



      I have googeld and found out that some people have delidded the cpu (which avoids warrenty and is not reccomended to do in any way) to solve this issue, and they did it successfully. Temperatures dropped ~20 degrees or so under load.


      Can you confirm that my CPU is faulty?


      PS! I observed the same behaviour when i had dedicated graphics card installed.