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    ESRT2 RAID drivers not functioning

    Girish Nair, NJ Dataprint Pvt Ltd


      Off late I'm finding that the latest version [17.01.2015.1001, 16.03.2015.0519, 16.03.2014.1212] ESRT2 RAID driver for Linux [Download ESRT2 RAID driver for Linux*] is not functional either with RHEL 6.x/ CentOS 6.x. I had old version [15.xx] that use to work fine.


      Tried the same on several Intel boards like S2600CW2, S1200V3RPS, S2600CP2, S2400CW2 but to no avail.


      Gyst of the activities in order as follows:

      1. Download the driver and select the correct .img file matching the OS version
      2. Use dd/ rawwrite2.exe to write the image to floppy disk drive
      3. Connect drives for RAID on AHCI ports
      4. Configure SATA as RAID - ESRT2
      5. Create necessary LUNs
      6. Start the installation of RHEL 6.x using the following command-line at Linux prompt:    dd nodmraid blacklist=ahci
      7. Linux prompts to insert the Driver Update Disk
      8. I point to the USB floppy disk containing the DUD

      Just after it reads the driver diskette, it shows "This driver is invalid for this version of OS" warning message.


      The installation can continue but would not detect the LUNs. However, if nodmraid is not mentioned, all the individual physical drives (not LUNs) are shown with /dev/mapper/ddf* format.


      Please help in understanding the correct procedure of driver installation.


      With regards

      Girish Nair


      girish <at> njgroup <dot> net