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    Android on a Braswell NUC5PPYH?


      I am not really a system builder, just a power user with some experience installing OS's.


      I have an NUC5PPYH running Mint, but just for kicks I was thinking to try to install Android, probably because I read an article that talked about both the 3700 chip and the Intel release of an Android kernel at the same time.  Anyway, on Intel's  01.org downloads page, they appear to have an Android build for Haswell, and for Bay Trail, but not Braswell.  Will either of these work on my system, or am I going to have to compile my own (not something I think I can do).


      Also, I found this post from about a year ago on this forum during my research: NUC 5010U Braodwell with Android.  It makes mention of using some kind of virtualization to run Android over - in that case Windows.   Is that something that would be more feasible in my case to run a version of Android in a virtual machine from within Mint... and if so, how do you do that and/or where can I find out how to do that?


      Thanks in advance!