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    ISSM IQDC compiler __attribute__


      I am using ISSM 2015 version 2015.3.022 in a VM running Ubuntu OS. I did not use Eclipse to build my source code and instead, I build the code from a shell by calling the make utility.

      Everything seems working fine except that there are a lot of warnings like this:


      /opt/intel/issm_d1000_2015.3.022/tools/compiler/include/stdlib.h:122:65: warning: unknown attribute '__warning__' ignored [-Wattributes]

      char *  _EXFUN(_mktemp_r, (struct _reent *, char *) _ATTRIBUTE ((__warning__ ("the use of `mktemp' is dangerous; use `mkstemp' instead"))));


      /opt/intel/issm_d1000_2015.3.022/tools/compiler/include/_ansi.h:101:42: note: expanded from macro '_ATTRIBUTE'

      #define _ATTRIBUTE(attrs) __attribute__ (attrs)


      /opt/intel/issm_d1000_2015.3.022/tools/compiler/include/_ansi.h:65:35: note: expanded from macro '_EXFUN'

      #define _EXFUN(name, proto)            name proto



      From the warnings, It looks like '__warning__' is not a recognized __attribute__ to the compiler but it is used in stdlib.h. Any idea?