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    FPS drop when activating voice


      Hello together,


      i have a problem since a few days.

      I use an i7-6200 HQ for Gaming and i´ve installed several voice tools like Teamspeak and Origin or i am using Ingame Voice.

      It doesn´t matter what voice tool i use - since a few days I have emmensive FPS lost when somebody start to talk...it´s enough saying one word and my frames are below 70.

      Usually I play constantly with 150FPS , I ´ve an nvidia 980M and 16 GB Ram , so there is no resource Problem.

      I also figured out - when I am talking, there is no problem - just when i receive a voice then it´s over and I have to reboot the game.


      I already contacted the nvidia Support - they tried to fix it but they say its an processor problem , no GPU Problem .


      Hope somebody has an idea , i´ve already installed with the intel tool the latest driver.