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    NUC6i5syk BIOS does not update


      My NUC6i5syk will not update the BIOS.  I am currently on 0028 and trying to move to 0039.  I am using the F7 method.


      After hitting F7 and updating the media, I select my thumb drive, then select the file.  I then press enter to start the process.  At this point my monitor goes to sleep mode and my NUC slow flashes an orange blinking light.  I have let it sit there for over an hour and nothing happens.  I finally give up, power the machine off.  When I start it back up it tells me something went wrong with the BIOS and that I can revert back to the previous version (0028).  Then everything works again, but the BIOS remains on 0028.


      I am running Linux so I am not able to use the windows method for updating the BIOS.


      Is my unit defective?