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    Can't install drivers


      I have a laptop with Intel HD 4000 and today I made the dumbest mistake trying to update it. I downloaded the updated drivers through the intel site (my OS matches the driver) and installing it gives me an error saying that it couldnt install one or more drivers. Then I tried manually updating through device manager which gave me and error saying that the driver doesnt support my computer? and to check if its x64 drivers and I'm sure it is.
      So with that not working I did the stupidest thing. I did some googling and found that it worked for someone when he uninstalled the current drivers and installed the updated drivers after restarting. I did that and it gave me the same errors as before. I tried to install the exact version I used before which was working fine before AND THEY DONT WORK EITHER NOW. They give the same errors I got trying to install the updated drivers. I've been trying everything possible but there seems to be no workaround for this. I've tried installing through safe mode, same error. Now I'm stuck with no graphic drivers with my display adapter showing "unknown device"
      After trying many different things. I came across something different. In the device manager, and running the update manually on the "unknown device" through the autorun thing now shows it trying to install the drivers but fails and gives me an error saying that it failed to install drivers because "the request could not be performed because of an I/O device error". Am I unable to install the drivers because my harddrive is dying?