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    Intel Edison Virtual COM Port not Appear


      Hi! I have a problem with my Intel Edison Arduino Breakout board. Version 159 dev kit.

      When my edison starts, on my computer not appear Intel Edison Virtual COM Port and Intel Edison Composite Device. I checked on another computer but result is similar, I have only USB Serial Port. Two USB connected, black switch towards two mini-USB ports, I changed many USB cables and etc.

      I have noticed when edison boots is a error in Kernel Modules. In Putty Edison works well, but I can't download any Arduino sketch to Edison board because no COM-ports. Does this problem is hardware? I put Edison module on another Arduino breakout board, but result is the same. Who can help me?

      Скриншот 2016-03-21 12.34.32.pngСкриншот 2016-03-21 12.52.55.png

      UPDATED. Suppose now I have a brick) Edison can't boot after this guide( How to install a kernel from my repo onto Edison with the official image

      run do_ota is not helpful. One more problem)

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