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    Unable to Connect Intel Galileo Gen2 to IoT Cloud


      Hi everyone,


      I have being trying to connect my board to IoT Analytics dashboard. I have being following the instructions from "Intel® IoT Platforms: Getting Started: Cloud Analytics | Intel® Developer Zone" .

      The iotkit-agent was already installed but while testing the network using proxy server, i typed the command "iotkit-admin proxy 8080", but an error comes that says "set Proxy data".


      I tested the command "iotkit-admin test" on my home network too without proxy server, bu an error comes that says

      "error: Data Submission Error code=ESRCH errno=ESRCH,syscall=getaddrinfo

      error: Connection failed to dashboard.us.enableiot.com"



      Does anyone could help me with this issue?


      Thanks in anticipation