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    Two E5-2687W vs Two E5-2687W v2, worth it?


      Hi guys, i have an EVGA SR-X with Ivy-Bridge EP support, and I'm debating whether I should go with dual v1's or v2's. According to CPUBoss, an 2687W v2 performs consistently weaker than a 2687W, and the main difference I can tell is a high base clock and turbo clock, as well as 22nm vs 32nm (Also ~20% higher max memory bandwidth). However, looking at actual benchmark scores, the 2687W consistently outperforms the Ivy-Bridge version. Further comparisons show that, most of the time, Sandy-Bridge EP xeons outperform their v2 counterparts (Which leaves me puzzled). I understand that different benchmarks all yield different rankings due to different area focuses.

      TLDR: I will be mainly using this system for CAD drawing and some rendering (Not to professional levels and demands), as well as gaming and everyday work. I can get both processors pretty easily (ES are cheaper), but is the performance gain from a v2 worth that extra price? taking into account the stuff I do. 120USD for each 2687W, and 780USD for each 2687W v2.