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    What a massively annoying website


      I come to the site to complain about a product I am unhappy with and seek advice. I'm already not in the best of moods with Intel.


      I register on this forum and make my post.


      Ever since my e-mail inbox has been filled with the comments of others, and with no unsubscribe button! Dozens of e-mails and I only commented in one thread. I don't care about the whining of thousands of Intel customers, it is just noise.


      So I try to log on to change my preferences to turn the spam off. But I can't.

      Because Intel have ridiculous password rules about using stupid characters, numbers, case sensitive, letters, more than 8 characters, less than 15 characters ... the upshot is, I end up with a password I can't bloody remember because it looks nothing on earth like any password I've ever used anywhere before and I happen to be a human, not a computer.

      So I needs to reset and get yet another e-mail from Intel.

      I don't care if someone is sad enough to crack my password for Intel forums and impersonates my fake userID and makes posts in the name of this Billybob guy I just made up on the spot. Why are intel so precious about it?


      In short, don't make subscribing to threads a default and stop with the fussy password rules. There is no standard and you and the other password Nazis just end up being the accounts no remembers how to get in to.