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    Debug BLE connections with Edison




      I have two Edison to explore BLE.


      One device should take the role of central, the other one has peripheral.


      On the peripheral, I use the Bleno.js lib with the echo_example.js code from https://github.com/sandeepmistry/bleno/tree/master/examples/echo

      Starting it looks good:


      bleno - echo

      on -> stateChange: poweredOn

      on -> advertisingStart: success


      On the central,, I use the Noble.js lib to scan for services.


      It gets discovered from my laptop:


      $ node simple_scan.js


      { localName: 'eddie2',

        txPowerLevel: undefined,

        manufacturerData: undefined,

        serviceData: [],

        serviceUuids: [ '1fffffff4ffff4fffffffff2ffff4ff3' ] }


      But then discovering the services (see scanning code ch_10_physical_internet/simple_scan at master · embeddednodejs/ch_10_physical_internet · GitHub, it results on my laptop in:


      $ node scan_services.js


      found device: eddie2

         services: 1fffffff4ffff4fffffffff2ffff4ff3

      found device: undefined


      xpcError: connection interrupted


      Trying the same Noble scripts on the other Edison gives:


      root@edison:~/simple_scan# node simple_scan.js


      And then nothing happens.



      How can I detect the eddie2 peripheral?


      Thanks a lot for your help!!