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    Does RSTe AHCI driver NOT support ATAPI devices (e.g optical drive)?

    Tom Yan

      I am on an ASUS H87-PRO and Windows 10. I have my SATA ports running on AHCI mode.


      So basically there are three drivers available for me: the Windows-builtin standard AHCI driver, RST (Download Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) RAID Driver) and RSTe (Download Intel® RSTe AHCI & SCU Software RAID driver for Windows*).


      When I use the standard driver or RST, I can see my optical drive pops up on Device Manager. However, if I use RSTe, my optical drive will disappear from Device Manager upon installation of the driver.


      So is it an expected behaviour? That the RSTe AHCI driver does NOT support ATAPI devices? Or is it a bug?


      P.S. I also notice that when the RSTe is in used, the boot time of Windows seem to be particularly longer when compared with the other two, even when I am booting a Windows on a USB Attached SCSI drive. I wonder if it's because it was struggling with the optical drive.


      Note: Please DO NOT tell me that "your chipset isn't an enterprise one so you shouldn't use the RSTe driver", for it installs fine in AHCI mode (not in RAID mode, I know) and my SATA SSD shows up and works. More importantly, that is NOT my question. What I want to know is whether there is some general limitation ABOUT ATAPI DEVICES in the RSTe driver. Feel free to tell me if it's a CONCRETE KNOWN issue that RSTe will only support ATAPI devices on enterprise chipsets but not consumer ones though.