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    Need suggestions for processor


      I am going to build a computer that will be used in an office running Windows 7 32 bit operating system, Microsoft Office 2010 Beta and several 3rd party accounting programs. The computer that is being used now, freezes up quite a bit and is really very slow.I would like for this to be a snappy and smooth running computer. It will not be used for games  or video editing. What kind of processor should I get that will be fast and handle 6 or so programs open at once while doing heavy duty calculating.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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          Any  i7 or i5

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            I have heard the the i5 is better than the i7. I don't know very much but that doesn't make sense to me. Which of those would you recommend? There are so many different kinds of i5 and i7. Sorry but you are dealing with a newbie here.

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              Javed Lodhi

              Hi Dsosb,

              First of all, for CPU related questions, kindly post your questions in our PROCESSOR's community.

              Now for a quick answer to your question, Core i5 & i7 come in different frequencies, TDP, QPI & Cache depending on your requirement which I see does not require a CPU of a very high frequency & very high performance features. Moreover this entirely depends on two things:

              1. Your Budget.
              2. Your Existing Motherboard.

              First you have to see if your budget matches the price of the CPU (you can check for pricing with your local Intel reseller).

              And secondly, you have to ensure that the motherboard you have right now support Core iX CPUs, specifically i5 and i7 in your case if you plan to go with them.

              Thank you for using Intel, have a great day!


              Warm Regards,

              Javed Lodhi

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