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    Hello Intel, I dont want my NUC6i5SYH anymore. Any solution?


      Hello Intel,


      first I want to say I don't want to be that "trouble guy" talking bad. But at the moment it is frustrating.


      I love new tech. I love the NUC concept. And I just want a working device. A device I power on use it and power off when I dont need it anymore. Or short: A normal quick working computer.


      But at the moment I'm far away of a normal use. I know you are working hard finding the WHEA and some other problems. But my problem is: I paid a lot of money for a product I can't use.


      I spent  hours of reading here finding something that would help or give me a good feeling. But nothing.

      I spent time in resending my dead NUC. I know, its just RAM, a M.2 SSD and a HDD. But thats time I dont want spend.

      I spent time putting the components in the new NUC.

      And after all the NUC is not running good.


      The problem: I cant give the NUC to my reseller. And if I will get a new NUC all the problems seems to bee the same. I dont get my money back.

      And if I would get my money back for the NUC, I have a SSD, HDD and RAM which is working fine but i dont have a use for.

      And the problem is, there is no other Intel NUC without problems on the market where I can put my DDR 4 and the other components in.


      So i paid a lot of money, I paid more for a quality intel product. But I cant use it. And I lost all my trust in the NUC. At my work we have 4 older NUC (i5 5series), but the new NUC is not useable for me.


      So perhaps you can offer me any solution and contact me?


      Greetings, Christian

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          Intel Corporation
          This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

          Hello, Kassiopeia:

          Thank you for the information provided.

          For sure we care about your feedback to provide you with products to suit your needs.

          I would like to recommend you to contact Intel Customer Support and explain the situation to them, for sure they would provide you with a solution for this scenario.


          Esteban C

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            Sorry Intel, but I don’t think so…

            I also contacted the Intel Customer Support (at Germany) and the answer I got doesn’t believe me that they are willing to find a solution…

            I also bought the NUC6i5 in the belief with a big company like Intel with all the smart people working there, I couldn’t be wrong, but meanwhile I also lost all my trust in Intel and the NUC6i5 (because of all what I had found out by myself so far and what I had read here at the forum that maybe will happen in the near future to my NUC6i5 (e.g. WHEA or kernel-panic))…

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              I just joined this forum looking for some direction on OS install, not knowing anything about the WHEA issue.  But I feel I can add some perspective on this problem, at least as it goes from my experience.


              I don't think you should be beating up only on Intel about this issue - I might possibly suspect the issue comes in part from the machinations of a certain company in Seattle.  Why? I can guess a few reasons... mostly related to threats to its hegemony by a line of easy to assemble (or no assembly) machines that can be sold without a obligatory pre-loaded OS.


              Anyway, just for kicks, and since your ready to blast it anyway, why not wipe the machine (or pop in a new drive for testing) and install Linux Mint / UEFI.  Run it in the same application environment you were using the machine previously, and let's just see if all those WHEA errors don't suddenly start getting handled instead of crashing the machine. 

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                They don't. I suggest you read the relevant threads here before suggesting things. Many people who ran into the "WHEA" error tried Linux only to get similar crashes there (including MCEs, which is probably what the WHEA error is about).

                That said, I wouldn't bash on Intel either. They have sold thousands, if not millions of 6th gen NUCs and there are only a handful of people reporting errors here. I have two 6th gen NUCs running for three months now and don't have a problem. Well not that crash problem, anyway.

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                  Hi Christian Abicht,


                  I am really sorry to hear that your are having issues with your NUC. I just sent you a Private Message in order to try to help you out with that.



                  Ronny G