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    Accurate pulse generation



      can someone provide some information on how to generate accurate pulses (about 1usec resolution)?


      The application is to program the AD8556ACPZ gains/offset using a GPIO output.


      I have started with this info:



      Ideally I would like to have it implemented with Python.

      Here are some issues:

      - Setting the Linux scheduler to FIFO mode is not supported with Python versions earlier than 3.x

      - Python 3.x seems to need some work to make it work well with MRAA (assuming it can be upgraded to 3.x)

      - To generate a software controlled pulse requires a usec delay, in Linux that might not be achievable

      - How about the MCU part of the Edison? Can it be accessed using Python? Can it be easily configured for such task?


      Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.