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    GMA 4500MHD Garbled Screen on X200 & Windows 7

      I own a Lenovo X200, Default OS is Vista Business.

      SomeTime VT function is used on my work, so i set VT  and VT-D mode on.


      When i use Vista Business and Intel GMA4500MHD Driver ver , there is no any issued on screen.


      Just few Day ago i bought a New Winodws 7 32bit Professional , so i had a Clean install on my X200.

      Finishing on installation, Windows 7 had installed a Default Driver (WDDM 1.1)


      However, i found that there are some garbled screen on my X200!

      So i go to install Intel's lastest Driver for 4500MHD. however, garbled screen still happen on it,

      for example, it will appear on IE toolbar or some screen, etc.


      When issue was occur, i tried to find solution on internet, there is a unoffical method to "Fix" this issue, that is Turn off VT. As Result, i tried to do that and no problem now.


      yesterday i asked Lenovo for this issue. However, they said there is no similar case on it.


      Is any Problem on GMA 4500MHD Driver under Windows 7?


      as there is no problem on using  Same Driver & Vista Business & VT On & VTD On