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    Issues with Intel i7 4790k


      So after a fresh install of windows 8.1, my CPU still does an odd thing and I have no idea what that is, if anyone has any idea?

      Thread 0 goes to 100% all of a suddeny and freezes up all my computer even though the overall usage is about 30% for the CPU.

      It does that for a while then it goes back to normal.


      The freezing causes stuttering which is very annoying when I'm in game. It's unplayable..


      CPU: Intel i7 4790k @ 4.8Ghz, 1,3V (OC),
      GPU: GTX 970 4GB 256bit Windforce edition,
      Motherboard: ASUS Z97-PRO GAMER
      CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-D14
      RAM: Corsair 12 GB RAM,

      Storage: Two Intel 180gb SSD, a Seagate 2TB SSHD and a Seagate 1TB HDD.

      PSU: Zalman 700W

      All USB (4x 2.0 and 2x 3.0) are occupied by three gamepads, mouse, keyboard, headset)

      OS: Windows 8.1


      What I've tried before posting here:

      - Tried with windows 10 and windows 7 (same issue).

      - Monitoring with task manager, all users.

      - Spybot, malware bytes, avast, avira, bitdefender scans.

      - Tried with Overclock and without Overclock.

      - Disabled Turbo Boost.

      - Checked all my hard drivers for errors / issues.

      - Checked the cpu with various softwares including intel's for issues.

      - Checked the RAM for issues.

      - Tried booting in safe mode / minimal.

      - Updated BIOS

      - Updated / Downgraded nVidia drivers.


      What else can I do so this issue stops, it's ridiculous. I paid a large amount of money (for me) for this product and it shouldnt do this.