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    My Skylake G4500 cpu cannot successfully compile a Linux From Scratch OS.


      I have tried to compile a CLFS or LFS system 13 times using many different linux distros as a host system. In the end all systems produced were unusable, with kernel messages popping up regularly everywhere that they should not and the ethernet interface not discovered by dbus.


      In the past on two older systems (P3 and Pentium D) this task was always successful, unless I plainly botched the job.


      Today, I have found that the first package to fail tests is GMP which is an arbitrary precision arithmetic library. This failure could be a manifestation of the prime number hardware bug. The test failure states that in a script named "test-driver" line 107 calls an "illegal instruction". I do not know if this is a compiler incompatibility (too new for old syntax) or it points to an internal CPU instruction that balks.


      I am not a hardware or software engineer, but this project works for all that "follow the book" correctly. The LFS project is used by so few that I believe that I might be the first to attempt it on a Skylake platform.


      If Intel engineers are greatly vexed to find a solution to a problem which rarely occurs in Microsoft OS, perhaps they should look at LFS. I have been at this for three months and the problem occurs 100% of the time.