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    Disabling HDCP Support Intel 965 Video Card


      I am trying to use the hdmi output on a PC with an Intel

      Mobile 965 Express Chipset Video Card to connect to a HD/SDI video switcher via an HDMI to HD/SDI converter.  The problem I am running into is that my switching and converting equipment does not like the HDCP signal it is receiving from the PC's HDMI port and will not synchronize the signal.  I'm not trying to play back any protected content, just the winodws desktop and some client applications.  Is there a way to set the HDMI port on the video card to disable support for HDCP?  I don't care if it downconverts the signal to SD only or if I can't playback protected content such as bluray discs but I need to have HDMI output without HDCP.  What do you think?  This PC is running windows XP.