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    SBS 2008 on S3420GP with SASMF8I raid. Will not start setup?



      I have built a server using a S3420GP server board with Xeon x3440, in a SC5650BRP case using a SASMF8I pcie SAS raid controller. I have been able to configure the drives into raid 1 and set the bios to boot from DVD then SAS raid. When I put in the SBS2008 setup disk after Post and it starts to read off the DVDROM all I get is a blank screen with the speaker beeping constantly(doesnt seem to be a pattern). I have tried other boot disks and they are fine only seems to be an issues with Small Business server 2008.


      Is there something I have missed in the bios setup to get this to work? Is something not compatible with in this setup?


      Any help on this matter would be much appricated.


      Thanks Nat