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    Is there a way to combine free form diction and a grammar in the speech recognition API


      I don't see a way or any example in the Real Sense SDK to combine diction and a grammar, the example gets either - or, but not both.  In my research I didn't see a way to define that in the JSGF files where grammars are created.


      The situation I'm trying to figure out closely resembles Google's speech recognition, i.e. "Ok, Google"..."Search X" - Let's say X = "Real Sense SDK"


      I can pretty easily create a grammar for the first few parts but that doesn't seem to allow me to capture the free form diction part of the search query. I'd like to let the SDK do the hard work of identifying that I've started with a grammar, but also tell me the variable piece at the end.


      Should I be trying to switch between the 2 modes as the sentence is being spoken?


      Any advice or URLs would be great.