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    NUC6i5SYH: why does updating BIOS 0028 to 0036 not work?


      Whichever method I tried, USB stick, F7 in splash screen, F7 from within visualbios, or even the windows .exe method all fail.

      first I tried the method from within windows. The NUC restarts and then stops immediately with blinking orange front light.

      It pulses the same as when the PC is in sleep mode, which it isn't the case. I left it for 15 minutes to be sure there was no activity and then I long pressed

      the power button, the unit powers down. This symptom (PC seemingly entering very deep sleep) repeated exactly the same with the other update methods I tried, right after I point to the .BIO and hit apply.

      When I power back on, the NUC boots normally but I am still on 0028 all set to default.

      Any ideas are welcome.